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Why Should You Choose Pool Tech

We take pool maintenance seriously, we keep our techs informed through continued education and all our techs are certified and committed to excellence.  We b​​​​​​​​​​​​​ring 20 years of experience and certified pool technicians to every job.

Comprehensive Pool Service
Stop settling for sub-par pool maintenance.  Pool Tech Service and Repair is the most complete pool service company in the Southeast.

Family Owned and Operated
Pool Tech is a dedicated, caring and professional pool service company providing our customers with impeccable service. We stake our families reputation on it.

Residential Pool
Most homeowners find that maintaining their pool hinders a lot of their enjoyment and it quickly becomes a burden rather than a comfort. Pool Tech understands that a crystal blue pool doesn’t stay like that by itself. Someone has to maintain it.

Commercial Pool
The pros at Pool Tech understand the special needs of commercial pools. We can manage and can solve virtually any problem that may arise.

Equipment Repairs
Is your pool in need of repairs? Pool Tech Service and Repair can help.  We stock all of the most popular parts to ensure all pool equipment repairs are completed in a timely manner. If you’re looking to upgrade your pool equipment we are your first choice.
​​​​​Green Pool Clean-Ups
A green pool is not only unsightly but can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mosquitoes as well as a health and safety hazard. The heat combined with improper chemical balancing can cause a pool to go green in a very short amount of time. If not service quickly, you may have to drain and apply a chemical bath to remove the staining.

Pool Services
In addition to our normal services we offer a whole list of other services as well. 
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